I have always had a keen interest in all types of music. Music that is that shows intelligence. As a child, my brother had a great hifi system and had some quality music such as Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene and David Bowie.

A friend gave me a loan of 'The Golden Age Of Wireless' by Thomas Dolby. I loved the look and sound of the synthesizer. It seemed so different at the time. Early Human League was inspirational. The look of Gary Numan was perfect for the new video age.

I remember saving up hard for my first synth, a Casio CZ101. My friend worked with me on some of the early recordings under the name U Bahn. We started recording some songs with the help of my old Atari 520 ST. It was basic but the midi timing was rock solid Although vastly overpowered by today's PC's and Mac's it was still a superb sequencer. Perhaps it's limitations were actually it's strengths.

Artists including, Gary Numan, Massive Attack, Leftfield,Aphex Twin have influenced my work. More recently I have started exploring different music styles, integrated into more recognisable rock song formats.