Mindburner Moog The Source


I was give this synth as a birthday present by my wife. I have always wanted a Source and when one came up on eBay, we took a chance.

It has the usual scratches on the top surface and a few nicks on the walnut side panels, but overall it's nice.



Oh course as soon as I buy this thing, I notice there is a problem. The source display will jump to patch 7 randomly. I had a look on the CPU board and noticed that one of the membrane panel ribbon connectors was attached to a bodged socket. It was encased in glue.





I replaced this connector with a new 2.54 pitch 6 way from RS components. I cleaned the other 2 sockets while I was at it.


The voice board




The CPU board with new connector fitted . Mostly 74 IC's reliable for the most part. Also some 40 which I replaced.




Weird bodged trim pot




Encoder wheel